Live Lobsters And Fish In Hong Kong

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Kinds of seafood are one of the best-selling fresh products nowadays. Many are excited about buying this food due to the demand of customers. They are buying them for different purposes; for restaurants, events, vlogging, and many more. The high pricing of these sea creatures turned into a trending topic in the market today.

Where can you buy live lobsters at this moment of the pandemic? Do people have the chance of buying fresh lobsters today? With the strict compliance of social distancing and protocols of wearing face masks, not all people can work with their normal days like the way before. Thus, it is expected that the increase of pricing to these foods will continually be soaring.

Where to buy live seafood?

Aside from lobsters, one of the most in-demand seafood is fish. These are marked as the most common ones with a variety of species. There are different kinds of fish available in the market, classified into different prices.

When you plan to buy fresh lobsters, shrimps, prawns, and some other seafood, check out the most reliable fish supplier in Hong Kong. Best fresh seafood can be delivered to your doors.

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How to pick top-quality seafood

The freshest fish can be purchased now at the most affordable prices. But, before buying, consider how fresh the fish is. Some larger fishing boats preserve the fish while in the sea for many days since the first day of catch. They use ice to maintain its freshness when they arrive at the port and the market.

Fish are kept in the protection of ice. The enzymes in the fish’s stomach convert the food to tissue and energy, helping the bacteria to break down the flesh and break through the stomach wall. The bacteria may not be harmful but result in poor quality and unpleasant smell. So, you must check on all of these before buying.

Freshly frozen fish

While at the sea, the fish are freshly frozen. Once it arrives at the port and is delivered to the market in Hong Kong, the fish is still in its structure and quality. Although it has been 2-3 days at sea, the fish is still of top quality because it has been frozen. Filleting, cleaning, and freezing at the sea are done right to maintain the quality of the fish to be distributed in the market.

Finally, you have ideas on where to find these fresh kinds of seafood in Hong Kong.