Fun Facts of the Durian: Musang King Singapore

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A Musang King is a type of Malaysian fruit similar to a mango. It is typically more oversized and has a more intense flavor than a regular mango. Musang Kings are often used in desserts or as a topping for smoothies.

There is a type of Musang King that is specific to Singapore. This variety is called theĀ musang king singapore and has a slightly different flavor than the Malaysian Musang King. It is often considered sweeter and more aromatic than the Malaysian variety. If you are looking for a delicious, tropical fruit to enjoy, be sure to try a Musang King! Whether you choose the Malaysian or Singapore variety, you are sure to love this sweet and exotic fruit. Reading this article will let you know some facts about the fruit that you might not know.

musang king singapore

Fun facts about Musang King Singapore

  1. Come with a bucket full of benefits

The fruit consists of vitamin C, which leads to collagen production, strengthening your immune system. It also reduces inflammation. Since it has potassium, fiber, magnesium, and other elements, it is healthy for maintaining blood pressure. Overall, it lowers your cholesterol level, thus lowering the risk of a heart attack.

  1. It is one of the most significant export forms

Musang King gets cultivated commercially and transported all across the borders. A few years back, the famous Chinese businessman promoted Musang King to their country, and from that time, it’s ruling among all the fruits.

  1. A durian with many names

If you have never eaten a Musang King, let me tell you an amazing fact! Musang King is nothing but a durian. Since durian has many names, it is difficult to remember and distinguish each. In Singapore and Malaysia, durian is known as Musang King, while in China, it is called Mao Sham Wang.

  1. Best quality with reasonable price

Musang King is available primarily between June to August. Because of its less availability, it got the tag of premium fruit. The fruit’s costs are reasonable. But, if in any season the cultivation falls due to bad climate or any other reason, the price rises higher. Sometimes, the price of this fruit varies depending on the stores. Many people feel it is costlier than the regular variants of durian because of its sweeter and more aromatic feature.

Next time you visit a fruit stall and find durian, pick the Musang King and try once. You will be unable to control yourself eating it from next time.

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